How It Works

We are a year-round program. We start new classes every month. Don’t wait to get started. Enrollment is open now. You will receive a welcome email within 24 hours of enrolling.

Class Information

Our online classes teach kids from ages 10-18 the basics of Economics, Financial Literacy, Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, Career Building, Marketing and Real Estate through interactive courses that will focus on teaching your child how to be a successful individual whether they choose to be entrepreneurs or to work for others.

Our courses are specifically designed to introduce your child to concepts that are normally not introduced until later in life or sometimes never. We focus on mindset training, habit creation, communication, and life skills.

Your child will be able to advance to each level as they work through mastering the skills to success.

When your child finishes our courses, they will be able to:

On our final course, we will equip your child with:

Refund Policy

If you're not satisfied with your student's experience in their first course, contact us within the first two (2) sessions for a full refund.

The session count of a course is determined by the class schedule and not by the student's attendance in any particular session.

After the Money-Back Guarantee period and prior to any class sessions being held for the most recent invoice, if there is any reason you wish to end your student's education with us, you may contact us to request a cancellation and refund of the most recent invoice payment.

Cancellations received after a class session has been held for the most recent invoice are non-refundable. However, in the event there are remaining sessions available on the invoice, a prorated credit for those sessions will be noted on the account.

In the event that a discount was redeemed for any invoice during a course, Uncommon Education reserves the right to deduct that amount in full from any refund amount prior to issuing a refund.